Just some weird kid. I like cats a lot, And art. I'm in college right now (art school) and I blog about that sometimes. I have no idea what else to put here and I'm feeling weird about it so I'll update it later. I'm all kinds of queer.
They/them/their pronouns, please.




Other John Green temporarily loses an arm and exposes his femur (?)! His worried husband, Bald John, rushes to his side.

A classic moment in Wimbly Wombly history as AFC Wimbledon take on Swindon Town.

Is that a femur? Only the scientists of the future know for sure.

English is cancelled today, so no class until 3:00 heck yessss. 


i mean, my drivers license says i’m female, but it also says i weigh 145 pounds, and that’s definitely not true.

Click here to support Help a Trans Girl Stay in the US by Queers and Allies of NAU

I met Sunny a few months ago at a queer conference and she was really nice and I’m so sad that this is happening to her. :( 

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